A Case of Mistaken Identity – Zarafa

I forgot to mention this little incident that occurred on our first night at Zarafa.  We continue to laugh about it… First a little context, most camps have a general schedule that they try to keep their guests on – what time you have breakfast and go out on your morning drive, when you leave and return from your afternoon drive and what time drinks and the communal dinner are served.  These schedules keep the camps running as efficiently as possible, but of course, exceptions are always made and in our case, they were making lots of exceptions… like the fact that we always wanted to be the first vehicle out in the morning to check for new tracks, that we usually were the last vehicle in every night, and that we liked to eat dinner as soon as we came back from the second game drive of the day because we had so much work to do (downloading images and writing) before collapsing in our beds only to start again at 4:45am the next day.  Our routine immediately set us apart, if ever so slightly, from the other guests – which led to certain assumptions about who we in fact might be (speculation was further fueled by the fact that Evan was walking around with a bazooka of a lens (400mm) and our other two cameras were each attached to a 70-200mm Canon lens (we are not your average lens-carrying couple).  We had dinner our first night with Nienke at a separate table and because we had started dinner earlier than the rest of the camp, we finished before everyone else. As we walked by the communal table we stopped to wish everyone a good night.  One of the guests then asked us if we were “the lovely couple who is responsible for all the photography in the camp and for making the lion movies”?  It took me a second before I realized that she thought Evan and I were Dereck and Beverly Joubert!  I had to laugh and while we were tempted to let the situation play out a bit, we owned up to just being “Joubert-wanna be’s” (Evan certainly has the passion and photography talent, but he will need to spend a significant amount of time growing a thick white beard and long flowing hair if he ever has a chance in hell of being confused with Dereck Joubert).

Evan photographing at Zarafa

Evan photographing at Zarafa


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