How Many Leopards Does It Take to Fill a Memory Card?

November 14 – Afternoon Game Drive – Selinda

Trick question really, our memory cards have a funny way of getting full no matter how many leopards are in our line of focus.

Still on an adrenaline rush from our morning drive, Isaac probably could have gotten away with giving us a front row seat at some dung beetle races, but he maintained his A-game, so we were fortunate to find our 4th and 5th leopards in a span of 48 hours.  Leopard #4 was an 8 or 9-year old female and her cub (#5) was a 5-6 month old female.  The mother, very considerately, was posing in a bare tree (making it very helpful for getting some good shots without having to deal with the challenges of big green leaves). Ironically, she looks considerably more comfortable than I usually feel on my road bike.


Photography by Lisa Holzwarth

The Mother had left a kill on the ground for her young cub, but the cub was nowhere in sight.


Spider Woman or Cat Woman? – Photography by Lisa Holzwarth


Mother Leopard Taste-testing her Kill – Photography by Evan Schiller

We spent the afternoon waiting it out for the little one and were finally rewarded with the appearance of this very shy cub who took a very circuitous route to and up the tree where her mother had ultimately moved the kill in preparation for some night-time feasting. During our wait we enjoyed a visit from an elephant troop as they passed through (and very close) to our vehicle.  If I say this once, I will say it a thousand times, I love finishing the day with the elephants.  These huge lumbering giants have an incredible peacefulness that permeates the space.  I think all world leaders should spend time with the elephants.




Evan captured a wonderful silhouette of the young cub leaping from one branch to another just after the sun had set.  He always finds a way to get that last great shot!


I made an attempt to get a broader silhouette and if you look closely you can see the cub in the center of my shot making its way toward its dinner – Bon Appetit mon cheri!

Dancing in the Moonlight - Photography by Lisa Holzwarth

Dancing in the Moonlight – Photography by Lisa Holzwarth


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