“Why Elephants are even smarter than you think, Part II” or “For the love of Mangosteen”

November 18, 2013 – Predawn Excitement

We awoke at 4:50am and at 5:15am were waiting to meet James on our front porch to make the walk for breakfast (it was still quite dark) when we heard a loud thrashing on the other side of our tent.  We turned to see a large male elephant tearing down our outside shower in an attempt to get at the delicious mangosteen fruit hanging above the shower stall.  He was very intent on getting the fruit and saw the plumbing as a mere impediment to reaching this delicious antioxidant, anti-inflammatory treat (I only learned about the value of mangosteens after doing an internet search: the Mayo Clinic is currently researching its anti-inflammatory benefits for heart disease and cancer http://youtu.be/-BH5bJ7Coj4 – the elephants, on the other hand, are apparently already well-versed in the benefits of this superfood – and, fyi, mangosteen is no relation to the mango).

James finally convinced the big guy that enough was enough and he left the rest of our tent intact.  We did come back after the morning drive to discover that he had moved from our mangosteens (tent #4) to try the mangosteens hovering over tent #3.  The guests at tent #3 were a bit more fortunate, as he was able to get what he wanted without him feeling the need to do any additional plumbing “renovations”.


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