Save the Date: Big Cats II takes Manhattan – October 2, 2013


Evan and I are extraordinarily excited about creating Big Cats II scheduled for Wednesday, October 2, 2013 at 6pm at Panthera’s Midtown Manhattan headquarters across from Bryant Park on West 40th Street.  This year’s beneficiary, Panthera, is the largest dedicated funder of wild cat conservation in the world.  The evening will include a Silent Auction with some unique items.  If you did not receive an invitation last year and would like to attend, or at the very least, contribute, please respond to this post or send us an email at with your address and we will include you on our physical mailing list which will be going out in the next few weeks.  There is limited room, so we are looking forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible.

Why Panthera?  We were fortunate to meet Dr. Luke Hunter, Panthera’s President, last December.  The chemistry was there from the start and and with each additional phone call and meeting, Evan and I felt both comfortable and confident that Panthera’s pedigree, research and process was the right way for us to move forward in our efforts to help save the Big Cats around the world who are threatened with extinction.  Panthera has not only surrounded itself with the foremost experts in the Big Cat space but they have been thoughtful about how and where the precious dollars they receive should be spent to have the best chance of making a real difference for these iconic creatures.  Panthera’s mission is to ensure the future of wild cats through scientific leadership and global conservation action.  They are directing and implementing effective conservation strategies for the world’s largest and most endangered cats – the tigers, lions, jaguars and snow leopards.  But their work goes beyond the most critically endangered to also include programs for the cheetah, the leopard and the cougar, all of whom need help to ensure their long-term survival.   Ultimately, Panthera seeks a future in which the world’s 37 wild cat species have the necessary and ongoing protection from human and environmental threats to not only persist, but also to thrive in the wild.

Andrea Heydlauff, VP at Panthera, uses the great analogy that the Big Cats are the “keystones” for our environment and our planet.  A keystone is that all-important architectural piece used in the construction of an arch that, without it, the arch can not bear weight and ultimately collapses… It’s really that simple, if We the People make an effort to save the Big Cats, we will be putting in the place the remedies to save our planet.  One of the greatest problems facing the wild cats is the growth of the human population and the ultimate conflict created by the scarcity of land, so many of the programs implemented are to the benefit of the local people AND the wild cats that live among them.

In addition to Luke Hunter and Andrea Heydlauff, we will also be fortunate to have Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, the co-Founder and CEO of Panthera with us on October 2nd.  Alan is passionate beyond belief – and has devoted his life to ensuring the safety and future of wild cats.  I am including a three minute video on Alan – prepare to be inspired!

For more information on Panthera, please visit their website,

We look forward to your help and seeing as many of you as possible on October 2nd!


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