Safari adventures continue – On to Chobe National Park and Praying for Pula

The LEO Chronicles

November 20, 2012

Counting Cats

“As I was going to St. Ives

I met a man with seven wives

Each wife had seven sacks

Each sack had seven cats

East cat had seven kits

Kits, cats, sacks, wives

How many were going to St. Ives?”

As we gathered up our cameras and gear in anticipation of visiting Chobe, we took note of the number of cats we had encountered to date and the St. Ives nursery rhyme came to mind.   We found that we could be much more definitive about the number of cats we encountered than the oft debated children’s rhyme.  Between, Zarafa, Selinda and Duba, we counted 40 different lions.  And at Selinda we were rewarded with seven sightings of five different leopards.  The five leopards were all female, three of which were adults.  Leopard #1 was approximately 8 years old and had a five-month old cub with…

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4 thoughts on “Safari adventures continue – On to Chobe National Park and Praying for Pula

  1. alisonnichollsart

    Another great post! I have a half-written blog post about seeing so many lions on my own visits and how it is not indicative of the species’ general numbers. Your comment here jogged my memory. So I’m going to finish it now!

  2. Bette Kirk

    Hi Lisa. Just wanted you to know that
    we’re selling our house on Winged
    Foot… maybe you know someone
    who might be interested. We have
    purchased another place in PGA.
    See you soon, Bette Kirk

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. laholzwarth Post author

      Hi Bette,
      Well I am glad for you guys in finding another place, but am definitely sad to have you leave us. We will miss having you next door! Where is your new place? I will let Evan know, he may know of someone who is interested.
      Enjoy the holidays and see you soon.


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