SAVE THE DATE – Alison Nicholls, Wildlife Conservation Artist, speaking at The Explorers Club on 9/29/14

“African Conservation through the Eyes of an Artist”

My good friend, Alison Nicholls, will be speaking on a topic that is near and dear to her heart (and mine) – African Wildlife Conservation.  Alison creates incredibly beautiful sketches and watercolors based on her experiences in the African bush and her affiliations with two conservation groups, the African People & Wildlife Fund run by Dr. Laly Lichtenfeld in Tanzania and Painted Dog Conservation in Zimbabwe.  Based on her first-hand experiences at these conservation sites, Alison returns to her studio and creates richly colorful renderings.

Alison’s love for all things Africa and all things wild comes alive in her art.  She is an incredible spokesperson for wildlife conservation in Africa because she sees not only the reality of the situation but also the possibility, and through her art and her way of being, inspires others to join her in making a difference.

I am already registered to attend – it is Monday, September 29th in NYC at The Explorers Club.  The reception begins at 6pm and her lecture at 7pm.  Please see the attached link for details:





5 thoughts on “SAVE THE DATE – Alison Nicholls, Wildlife Conservation Artist, speaking at The Explorers Club on 9/29/14

  1. Bonnie Bershad Zinn

    Hi Lisa, we’re just back from our trip to Botswana with Modisa Wildlife Project. It was inspiring and amazing to work in close proximity to the big cats there. Val is committed to creating a wildlife preserve near the Central Kalahari; his primary love, like yours, is big cats. I’m not sure how you two might collaborate, but he’s a ferociously devoted conservationist and has built pretty much everything at his camp with his own two hands. It was humbling and inspiring to hear him outline his dreams and plans for the wildlife conservation plans he has. Perhaps an opportunity will arise for you to meet or assist one another in some way. Thanks for all your good work on behalf of the big cats. Bonnie Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 16:05:32 +0000 To:

    1. laholzwarth Post author

      Hi Bonnie,
      I’ve just gone online to check out Modisa. Sounds like another amazing project that has got to be making a difference over there. The world needs more Val’s! I would love to meet him at some point – we’ll have to see how we can make that happen. How long were you over there for and what was your most memorable experience? Evan and I are talking about 2015 Africa trip. It has been two years for us and we are both getting “Bush Fever” – they say once it’s in your blood you never get over it. The Big Cats are still our first true love, but we are seriously considering devoting part of this next trip to Primates. I will keep you posted. Crossing my fingers we can pull this off – besides I need more material for this blog!


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